My Favorite Things


The breakfast buffet line during the Fleet Week Cruise

Among my very favorite things are donuts, and when we have visitors on board sometimes we also have donuts.  Can you imagine the temptation I face when I look at an entire box of donuts ?  During the trip when we left the dock and went out to see the loud airplanes they had many boxes of donuts just sitting around.  I was sorely tempted to dive in, but there were too many people standing around.  Usually we wait until the ship docks and the people leave.  Then we can cruise down to the deck and find the scraps.

I also love to sit and talk to my neighbors like Al the Pelican.  Al rarely comes on board the ship because he spends most of this time cruising around at wave top looking for fish. With that giant beak of his Continue reading


A BIG October on the Bay

We are really looking forward to October this year.  While listening to the crew on the old ship talk I learned that the loud airplanes are going to come to the Bay and that the fast funny looking sailboats are going to be racing again.

America’s Cup USA Oracle boat practicing on San Francisco Bay

The reason this is good news for the Avian Squadron is because it will bring out more people and that translates into more ‘found food’ opportunities.  It really is all about food when you are a hard struggling bird on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  We are the elite of the Gull Family and don’t consider those brothers who hang out at the garbage dumps to be in our league. Continue reading

Cruisin’ around the Bay

I have been commuting back and forth from the ship in dry dock to my nest at Pier 45 on Fisherman’s Wharf. This time of the year there are  many gulls around because the California Gull frequently migrates to San Francisco Bay during the winter.

An immature gull, left, is brown, whereas the adult develops the classic white plummage

From April until August many of my relatives fly east to the nesting site at Mono Lake.  They return to San Francisco Bay to spend the winter because the weather is very cold at the lake.  Mono lake is the second largest gull rookery in the United States.  The largest is the Great Salt Lake far across the mountains and the big desert.  Some day I hope to visit the big salt lake and see if I can find any of my relatives.  It is a long flight and I’m not sure how I will find food along the way.  The great thing about Mono Lake is that it is filled with brine shrimp and everyone loves to eat brine shrimp. Continue reading

Sailboats Galore

There seems to be more sailboat activity lately on San Francisco Bay.  During the “loud weekend” we saw many more sailboats all over the Bay while the loud airplanes were flying over and disrupting my feeding opportunities.  I don’t really mind if the loud airplanes want to fly low over the ship because that causes the passengers to look up and ignore their lunch.  This gives me the opportunity to snack on the un-minded and unattended food. Continue reading