The America’s Cup comes to town

Something big is cooking out on the Bay.  There are GIANT single masted sailboats scooting around the central Bay.  They have two skinny hulls and very tall masts with colorful sails and they are very fast.  I have tried to catch a ride on one of the boats, but they are too quick and they look like they are going to tip over at any moment.  From what I can see there is no food on board the boats and everyone on board wears helmets and looks like they are scared to death.

America's Cup USA Oracle boat practicing on San Francisco Bay

America’s Cup USA Oracle boat practicing on San Francisco Bay

The boys in the avian squadron and I hope that all this activity means the old gray ship will have visitors and there will be food.  During the other cruises there are lunches served and lots of scraps for the birds.

I got ahold of my faithful on board correspondent, Sophie-the-Cat, and she filed the following report:

Sophie-the-Cat on guard on board the ship.

Sophie-the-Cat on guard on board the ship.

Hello Bob:   I got your note about the sailboats and the questions about what the ship is going to do.  I have been listening to the crew and here is what I am hearing.  The races are going to start in July and continue until late August.  There will be seating on the ship and food will be provided. Crowds of people are expected to be on board and there will be lots of opportunities for scraps.  Let your boys know that it should be a good time for them scavenging the left overs.  

Editor’s Note:  The America’s Cup races, dubbed AC34, are coming to San Francisco Bay. The current races are being held in various locations and the big boats, 72 feet long, will start the final challenger races on July 7th.  At this time there are several nations still in the running, and  Italy, Sweden & New Zealand  have boats in the trials.  The United States is the defending champion and they will face the selected challenger in races that will be held from September 7 – 21. If you would like to learn more about the ship and watch the races please visit the web site for the SS jeremiah O’Brien   get more details.