I am BACK !!

I had decided to take a little trip and it turned out to be a disaster, but now I am back and things will pick up.  Here is a short version of the mis-adventure.   As you probably remember I have a  grand daughter in Salt Lake City,  Utah right on the shores of the Great Salt Lake.  Ceci Gull and her friends have been urging me to come and visit so I could see the large gull rookery on Antelope Island and look into all the statutes the local residents have put up honoring the California Gull.  The old ship was kind of quiet after all the action with the loud airplanes and big crowds so we decided to take a road trip just like in the old days.  Well, anyway we all took off on the trip east using a carefully planned route designed by my friends.

I rounded up the boys and convinced them that a little road trip would be good for everyone, including the tourists.

Since the big winds blow from the ocean toward the mountains we left early in the morning and flew due east until we crossed the mountains and dropped down into a sunny calm area with a very big lake. The strong tail wind kept up all day and we were able to cruise along with no trouble.   The water in the lake was very salty, and there were Continue reading