A New Correspondent

We had an invasion on board the ship the other night and fortunately my new assistant, Sophie-the-cat, was on top of it to help with this report.

Sophie-the-cat is our newest volunteer (volunteers are always good) and she will help us with details on the inside of the ship while I keep track of what is going on outside.

Let me explain: For some time I have realized that there is a lot going on within the interior of the ship, but I have no way of getting in there.  For one thing the hallways are narrow and they have raised doorways that I would have a problem getting over.  Also I do not want to go into the interior of the old ship.  There may be food in there, but I don’t want to try and find it in the cramped space.  There would be no way I could fly out since it looks like my wings are larger than the hallways and it makes no sense for me to try. Sophie, on the other hand, can creep around Continue reading