A BIG October on the Bay

We are really looking forward to October this year.  While listening to the crew on the old ship talk I learned that the loud airplanes are going to come to the Bay and that the fast funny looking sailboats are going to be racing again.

America’s Cup USA Oracle boat practicing on San Francisco Bay

The reason this is good news for the Avian Squadron is because it will bring out more people and that translates into more ‘found food’ opportunities.  It really is all about food when you are a hard struggling bird on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  We are the elite of the Gull Family and don’t consider those brothers who hang out at the garbage dumps to be in our league.

The Avian Squadron hanging out on Fisherman’s Wharf looking for ‘found food’ from the visitors.

Last year I found a really cool and safe place to hang out during the loud airplane event.  On the very top deck of the old ship there is a little area with a cover on it and when the ship is out floating around there are a  few important looking people up there talking on the telephone and whirling a big wheel around. There were also lots of people on the old ship and lots of scraps on the deck.

Editor’s Note:  Bob is correct in noting that October is very special in San Francisco.  The weather is beautiful and the US Navy contributes to the festivities by sending ships in for the annual ‘Fleet Week’ event.  Last year the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was the largest ship to lead the fleet of ships into the Bay. The loud airplanes that Bob mentions are the world class US Navy Blue Angels aerial acrobatic team and they will perform both  October 6 & 7, 

USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) entering San Francisco Bay in October 2011 during the Fleet Week event.

This year an added treat will be the next series of the America’s Cup Trials to be held from October 2-7 whilst Fleet Week will be the headline event on October 6-7.

Bob’s favorite ‘cool’ hangout is the top of the Flying Bridge on the top deck of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. From this location the ship can be steered and the engine speed controlled.  

The Flying Bridge on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien during a cruise.

During foul weather the traditional wheelhouse is the scene of the command and control center, but during the beautiful weather season there is no reason to stay indoors.  This, of course, is another good reason to visit the SS Jeremiah O’Brien to participate in Fleet Week and watch the America’s Cup races.  More information on all of the events can be found on our web site. 


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