A BIG October on the Bay

We are really looking forward to October this year.  While listening to the crew on the old ship talk I learned that the loud airplanes are going to come to the Bay and that the fast funny looking sailboats are going to be racing again.

America’s Cup USA Oracle boat practicing on San Francisco Bay

The reason this is good news for the Avian Squadron is because it will bring out more people and that translates into more ‘found food’ opportunities.  It really is all about food when you are a hard struggling bird on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  We are the elite of the Gull Family and don’t consider those brothers who hang out at the garbage dumps to be in our league. Continue reading


A Busy Summer on the Ship

This summer season has been very busy for the old ship and quite exciting for the boys and gulls in the Avian Squadron.  First of all we had a nest that was built on the ship by Charles and Claudia De Gull and that caused a lot of chatter amongst the troops and the crew as well as the visitors.  Unfortunately it did not produce any new chicks, but the De Gull Family did get a lot of notoriety from the visitors during one of the cruises.

Then there were more visitors to the pier than I have seen in many a year and that generated a lot of free food for the birds. One of our favorite snacks is the bread bowl that is served filled with soup.  Sometimes the soup is still in it when we get it and we get to pick out the clams and other fish that is left. Terrific stuff, but you have to fight off those pesky pigeons. 

Percival C. Gull scores a bread bowl and he is rightfully wary of the pigeons stalking his find.

Then we had a lot of sailboats out on the water and big crowds watching them zip around. There must have been some kind of special event going on because I have never seen so many boats and the large crowds lining the shoreline. Continue reading

The Empty Nest

Well, the waiting is over for Charles and Claudia De Gull. As you may recall from previous messages, the De Gulls were sitting on a nest they built on top of one of the cannons on the old ship.  This was highly unusual because the ship is very busy and there were lots of people around almost every day.  The nest first appeared earlier this year and they sat there and sat there and SAT THERE for the longest time.

Charles and Claudia De Gull sitting on the nest built on top of the cannon

I went by the other day to see how it was going and much to my surprise the nest was gone and the cannon was all cleaned up. Continue reading