The Waiting Goes On . . .Patience is a Virtue

There has been some local progress with the hatching of new chicks.  On the roof of the shed across the pier head from the ship we saw a new chick walking around. One of the parents sits patiently by the nest to protect the chick from marauding visitors.

One chick walking around the nest on the roof of the shed next to the ship.

Claudia and Charles are getting impatient and testy.  When I stopped by the other day she about snapped my head off when I made a little joke about speeding up the hatching process.  She also has been very secretive about just how many eggs are in the nest.  Maybe it has been so long that she has forgotten. Continue reading



Cruise ship near Fisherman’s Wharf.

While we were cruising around the Golden Gate Bridge the other day for the Birthday party I heard one of the crew members say that there is going to be a cruise to celebrate chocolate!  What a terrific idea. One of the things everyone should know is that the vast majority of the time spent by your average gull is in a search for food.  To suggest that this is an all consuming quest would not be an understatement. Continue reading