The Lady in Waiting

I paid a visit to the ship yesterday to see how Claudia and Charlie De Gull are doing with the nest and the eggs.  No progress to report, but she is getting very cranky.  I noted that some kind crew member had left some open cans of sardines right next to the nest, but when I tried to help myself she almost pecked my head off.  So much for the blessed principle of sharing with your elders.

Claudia patiently sits on the nest

After I left the nest I took a tour of the waterfront and found some interesting things as I flew up toward the Ferry Building.   The first was a big mess on one of the piers.  It seems that there must have been quite a large fire and the front of the pier is all black.  Workmen were climbing all over the building tearing out the burnt stuff.

Remnants of the fire at Pier 29

It wasn’t lunch time so I couldn’t mooch any food from the workmen, but I was hungry from having seen, and almost eaten, the sardines near the nest.

I kept flying up towards the big bridge looking for scraps near one of the waterside restaurants and I came upon the funniest sign that had just been installed.  I listened to one of the workman tell his friend that it is a sign warning people about tidal waves.  Very funny; who could imagine a tidal wave in downtown San Francisco?!  Well, I didn’t find any food so I headed back to the ship to see if I could find anything on Fisherman’s Wharf.  The ship looks great and it was almost lunch time so perhaps I can mooch something from the crew.

Newly installed tsunami warning sign near the Ferry Building

Editor’s Note: We are uncertain when to expect the eggs to hatch.  The literature tells us that the eggs generally will incubate for 23-27 days and we first found the nest in late May, but we do not know when the eggs were laid and the birds may have been building the nest for some time.  In any case the hatch should occur shortly.

The mess that Bob found is the remnants of the fire that occurred on Pier 29.   Fortunately no one was hurt and the building is being rebuilt anyway to be part of the America’s Cup Village. 

The sign Bob saw is a newly installed ‘Tsunami Evacuation Route’ marker. It is interesting that it is along the Embarcadero; my personal view is that it should suggest that people head up hill rather than along the waterfront.  

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is open for business on Pier 45 and the visitors have been taking tours.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien

We will have to see how things turn out for Claudia and Charlie. Once the eggs do hatch the chicks will stay in the nest for 6 to 7 weeks before fledging and flying away.  Please visit the ship and see the birds and learn more about this historic vessel.  


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