A Beautiful Month of May on San Francisco Bay

Mohandas K. Gandhi statue on the Ferry Landing

Now that the ship is back in action and taking cruises on San Francisco Bay all of the avian squadron is happy. I flew toward the big bridge and landed at the Ferry Building to take a look around.  One of my favorite statues is next to the Ferry Terminal and it was nice to see that the mess created by some of our younger members has been cleaned up.

The avian squadron hanging out on the ship

Across the street from the Ferry Building at the funny looking fountain, which never seems to be flowing, some of the boys were playing in the little bit of water left and scrounging food during lunch.

The sailboats were also out on the Bay and the visitors to the ship do provide food for the avian squadron.

Editor’s Note:  The San Francisco waterfront has many works of public art and Bob and his friends hang out at all of them in hopes of finding some scraps for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  On the waterfront between the Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf there are many plazas, statues, and other fine works of art.  When you come to visit the SS Jeremiah O’Brien consider also stopping to view some of these features. 

USA class sailboats racing on the Bay

Vaillancourt Fountain, Justin Herman Plaza


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