HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge

While eavesdropping  on one of the crew meetings I discovered that the ship has planned a cruise on May 27th to celebrate the birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I also heard that 2012 is the 75th Birthday of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is all good news for your faithful author and the rest of the avian squadron.  This event will draw quite a crowd and that will result in lots of food both on board the ship and in the Fisherman’s Wharf area.  I can remember when they celebrated the 50th Birthday of the bridge and the festivities lasted for more than a week.  Food galore.

Cruising under the Golden Gate

Editor’s Note: The Golden Gate Bridge was opened on May 27, 1937 after a construction period of more than four years ( 1600+ days).  The construction cost was $1.3 million UNDER budget.  The Seaman’s Memorial Cruise on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien on May 27th, 2012 will be part of the celebration of  the 75th Anniversary of the opening.  For more information on this cruise please visit the web site for the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.  

This cruise goes out of the Golden Gate and pauses near Marin County to allow the laying of wreaths to commemorate individuals to be honored on the Seaman’s Memorial Cruise. 


One comment on “HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Hey there.

    Just a quick random note – I was driving a friend from the UK around the state for Memorial Day weekend, and we happened to get to the Golden Gate Bridge on its anniversary. I didn’t realize it until this morning, but I happened to get a couple shots of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien as she approached and passed under the bridge.

    If you’d like these in higher resolution (I’ve got the original raw formats), just email me and let me know.



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