A Beautiful Month of May on San Francisco Bay

Mohandas K. Gandhi statue on the Ferry Landing

Now that the ship is back in action and taking cruises on San Francisco Bay all of the avian squadron is happy. I flew toward the big bridge and landed at the Ferry Building to take a look around.  One of my favorite statues is next to the Ferry Terminal and it was nice to see that the mess created by some of our younger members has been cleaned up.

The avian squadron hanging out on the ship

Across the street from the Ferry Building at the funny looking fountain, which never seems to be flowing, some of the boys were playing in the little bit of water left and scrounging food during lunch. Continue reading


The Last Battleship

This is the first trip of the year for the ship and we are going to be cruising around in the Bay looking for another ship.  It seems that an old Battleship has been fixed up and is going to be towed south down the coast to become a museum.

Things are looking up in terms of food, however, since we seem to have lots of people on board and it looks as though there is going to be a lunch served or something.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream coming on board

This is pallet is loaded with ice cream. What are they thinking?  Gulls don’t eat ice cream!  Maybe there will be some bread or fish somewhere.

Well, it turns out that we left the pier after waiting for a bunch of sailboats to pass by on their way out toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  We fastened onto a tiny tugboat and they pulled us away from the pier and we headed north past the islands in the Bay.  We cruised around for quite a while until we found this narrow channel near a bunch of big round tanks. Continue reading

HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge

While eavesdropping  on one of the crew meetings I discovered that the ship has planned a cruise on May 27th to celebrate the birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I also heard that 2012 is the 75th Birthday of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is all good news for your faithful author and the rest of the avian squadron.  This event will draw quite a crowd and that will result in lots of food both on board the ship and in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Continue reading

Bob C. Gull-iver’s Travels: Ireland

For those of you that may have read a previous message you will remember that a long lost nephew of mine, Seamus Crosbie Gull from Scotland recently wrote me a letter telling me of his adventures in Edinburgh.  It came a quite a shock since I didn’t remember having a branch of the Gull Family in Scotland, and I was surprised that he found me and wrote.  In his letter he mentioned that they were going to take a trip from Edinburgh to Ireland and that it was a fairly short flight across the sea toward the setting sun.  Well, he was true to his word and he did write another letter when they got to Ireland.

Hello Uncle Bob: 

We did take a trip to Ireland and I wanted to write you this letter to let you know what we found during our visit. 

The flight from Scotland didn’t take very long and I was surprised to discover  that we could see Ireland in the distance once we crossed the coastline of Scotland.  The weather is about the same as in Edinburgh and we found an interesting place to visit the first day. We flew into the Belfast area and there were large crowds of people around a very unusual building.  One of my mates remarked Continue reading