Mission Accomplished !

The work looks like it is done on the ship.  Here is a picture someone took of me and the ship just before they started to flood the drydock.  I was nervous about the ship sinking, but all is well.

Bob relaxes on a box next to the ship just before the flooding of the drydock begins. The new paint job looks great.

The new paint job looks great and the holes in the side are all patched up. I was able to get a few new pictures of the ship just before they flooded the drydock and there are some interesting new developments.

The holes in the hull are patched and sacrificial anodes have been attached to the ship.

They patched the holes that were cut in the back of the ship near the rudder and they put shiny silver blocks on the side of the ship and the rudder.  I wonder what that is all about?

Well anyway the work is done and my worries about the ship sinking when they flooded the drydock were unfounded.  I do worry about the old ship because she is my meal ticket and I am too old to have to go out and hustle with the flock of youngsters for snacks from the tourists.

Once the flooding of the drydock was complete and the ship was floating three tiny tugboats showed up to pull her out of the drydock.  The tugs were kind enough to cover their bumper tires in the front of the ship with white sheets to prevent scuffing of the new paint job.  These people think of everything!

After the ship was on her way north I stopped off at the local restaurant on the way back to Pier 45 to see if I could find some snacks.  Nothing doing, drat !  Usually there are people out on the deck who are good for a chip or something.

Bob’s view of the departing ship from the deck at ‘The Ramp’ restaurant next to the drydock.

This bigger tugboat was used to pull the ship out of the drydock into the open water of the bay to allow her to be towed home down to Pier 45

Editor’s Note: After a month in the drydock the work on the rehabilitation of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien is complete. 

Bob has noted that there are some ‘silver things’ stuck to the side of the ship.  These are sacrificial anodes made of zinc and they help prevent corrosion of the hull.

Once the ship was re-floated and the lines were secured the tugboats showed up and the process of extracting her from the drydock began.  Three tugs were used; one was positioned on each side of the ship to keep her from bumping into the sides of the drydock and a larger tug was used to pull her out.  The tugs covered their tire bumpers with white sheets to prevent scuffing of the new paint job.  How thoughtful. 

The ship was then towed north to the berth at Pier 45.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is now back in business at Fisherman’s Wharf and welcoming visitors. For more pictures and information please visit our web site, or better yet please visit the ship and see our new paint job.


One comment on “Mission Accomplished !

  1. I was extremely surprised to learn that Bob followed the ship and remained around it, when it was moved from Pier 45 to 70.

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