Open for Tours!

photo by Jim Hafft (

Things are returning back to normal since the Jeremiah came back to Pier 45.

I was fighting off another gull for a piece of bread bowl on the pier when I spotted the ship making her way home.  The ship has been known for years as a ‘good feeder’ for her crew.  We get the scraps.

I was first on board and claimed my place on the rail and things got back to normal.  What a relief to know my home has returned home.  My gull friend Roberta and I have been hanging out for a few weeks now.  When that crew gal, who talks to me funny, comes over to toss me some scraps, I let Roberta have a share.  The other day the gal  tossed me a piece of a delectable pizza then she’d toss one to Roberta.  She was smart enough to know I wasn’t chasing Roberta away, so she kept up tossing one to me and one to her.  It was kind of fun because Roberta has this cute little way of jumping up in the air every time she catches her piece.  It’s cute for a gal gull but not for me.  I conserve my strength for chasing away interlopers after my spot on the rail where the best eating is.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in it just for the easy food.  There are lulls for us gulls when there isn’t such good eating, as when the crew is really busy or when some of my crew friends aren’t around to toss me a bite or two.  A smart gull like me doesn’t just live by bread alone.  I like to hang out on the JO’B to observe people and their ways.  Alien natures but interesting.  I’ll tell you about them sometime.  Right now, I have to get back to my spot.  I see that nice engineer is looking for me.  Gotta fly!

Editor’s Note: The ship returned to Fisherman’s Wharf on March 7, 2012, and has been open for tours ever since.  If you live in the area or are visiting for spring break, be sure to come by and talk with the volunteer crew!  We are open daily from 9 AM to 4 PM and have later hours in the summer.  The next dockside steaming weekend is tentatively set for April 21/22.  Call for more info: (415) 544-0100


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