Bob C. Gull-iver’s Travels : The Great Salt Lake

You may remember from a previous message that I am planning a trip to the Great Salt Lake to look up my relatives and visit the California Gull rookery.  Well, I haven’t really gone to see the Great Salt Lake yet, but I did get a letter and some pictures from my grand daughter Cecilia Pearl Gull and she lives in Utah.  (She prefers to be called Ceci Gull.)  She tells me that at this time of the year it is very cold and they are hunkered down trying to stay warm and find something to eat.

Here is the letter she sent:

Dear Grandpa Bob:  I take pen in beak to send you this note as to our situation in Salt Lake City and on the shores of the Great Salt Lake.  The lake is loaded with brine shrimp, but this time of the year the pickings are slim and the water is cold.  Our usual nesting area is on Antelope Island in the middle of the lake and in the summer we get lots of tourists with picnic baskets to help add some variety in our diet.  During the winter the pickings are poor and we spend more time around the garbage dumps looking for morsels.   Continue reading