They are taking the ship apart !

I went to visit the ship in dry dock the other day and it looks like they are taking it apart !  I have no idea why they would want to do this to such a fine old ship.

A plate was removed from the lower area near the propeller shaft and rudder.

It looks like they are trying to take the propeller off and they have cut big holes in the side of the ship at the bottom near the rudder.

The propeller has been partially pulled out to allow the tail shaft to be inspected.

Fortunately I was able to find a morsel of food on the dock near the ship so I was not going to be hungry while watching the workers. The workmen get their food from a small truck that shows up and feeds them about lunch time.  What a good deal for them, but it doesn’t do much for me.  The workmen are not very thoughtful when it comes to feeding the avian squadron.

Bob has found a morsel of food at the dry dock.

They also took the anchors off and they are sitting on the deck with all the chain and it looks like they are getting rusty.  I have never seen the chains that are attached to the anchors.  I wonder where they hide them ?  I think that they are going to have to put the plates back on or the ship will sink with the big holes in the side. I don’t know much about ships but it seems to me that they shouldn’t have big holes in the side.

Plates removed from the side of the ship near the rudder.

The anchors and chain on the deck.

Editor’s Note:  While the ship is in dry dock lots of work is being done to inspect the propeller shaft and the parts of the ship that is normally under water.  Some of the plates on the bottom of the ship near the rudder and propellor have been removed to be replaced.  The ship is 68 years old, it was commissioned in 1943, and things wear out as would be expected.   Bob noted that the lunch truck shows up every day to feed the workers.  They do not go out of their way to feed the birds.  The anchor chains are stowed in the appropriately named ‘chain locker’ at the bow of the ship.  It is likely that they have not been brought out since the trip to England and France in 1994 when the ship went to Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D Day. For more information about the ship and additional pictures please visit the web site at SS Jeremiah O’Brien. 


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