Hard work at the dry dock

The workers at the dry dock start when it is still dark in the morning.  There is all kinds of yucky stuff growing on the bottom of the ship that will have to be scraped off so the painting can be done. The ship is sitting on a bunch of giant concrete and wooden blocks and I wonder how they are going to be able to paint under the blocks?

Ship sitting on the blocks with Bob making an inspection tour from the floor of the dry dock.

Maybe somehow they lift the ship up and squirt paint under the place where the block sits?  No, that doesn’t make any sense.

Placement of the support blocks on the floor of the dry dock.

I have been back to the place where they have the tables and chairs on the boat ramp.  I found a convenient piling to sit on and keep my eyes on the people eating lunch.  Fortunately the other members of the avian squadron have not heard about this place so I pretty much have the scraps all to myself.

Bob hangs out on a piling at The Ramp Restaurant

It looks promising around lunch time, but there is no one there early in the morning.  I have been going back to Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf every night because this place is dead after about 3 in the afternoon.  No food so no reason to hang around !  The workers stop for lunch about noon time, but I think I have a better chance at getting fed at the boat ramp place.

Editor’s Note:  The ship is brought into the flooded dry dock and carefully maneuvered into position over the pre-positioned blocks.  The water is then pumped out of the wing walls and bottom of the dry dock and the ship is elevated high and dry. The painting will be done after the hull is cleaned and the aquatic growth removed. The painting scheme will be red on the bottom and gray above the water.  A black portion will also be included below the red bottom line.  For more pictures and information please visit the web site at SS Jeremiah O’Brien. 


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