New paint job (almost) and the holes are patched

I flew down to the ship the other day to see how they are coming with the paint and the repairs.  The painting is really coming along; I stayed out of the way of the guys with the long paint sticks, but I am impressed how much they have gotten done since I saw it last.  The very bottom of the ship is a nice red color and it has a black line above that and then the standard grey.  They also put a bunch of numbers on the front of the ship for some reason. Continue reading


They are taking the ship apart !

I went to visit the ship in dry dock the other day and it looks like they are taking it apart !  I have no idea why they would want to do this to such a fine old ship.

A plate was removed from the lower area near the propeller shaft and rudder.

It looks like they are trying to take the propeller off and they have cut big holes in the side of the ship at the bottom near the rudder. Continue reading

A new paint job for the ship

After the little robots scraped all the paint off the ship they are replacing it with new paint.

Robotic paint scraper attached to the side of the ship. Bare metal on the right and old paint on the left.

First they put big towers up next to the ship and then men in things that look like space suits got up on the towers and sprayed paint on the ship.  Right now it looks like a checkerboard with two colors of paint.

Primer paint on the ship. An extra coat was applied to the seams between the plates and over the rivets. Note the anchors have been removed to allow the paint to be applied.

I wonder if they are going to leave it like this or if they are going to put on different colors ? The men on the towers are very brave to be that far off the ground, but they are also dangerous because they have long sticks that shoots the paint onto the sides of the ship. I think that if they got a chance they would probably try to squirt me with the paint. Continue reading

Cruisin’ around the Bay

I have been commuting back and forth from the ship in dry dock to my nest at Pier 45 on Fisherman’s Wharf. This time of the year there are  many gulls around because the California Gull frequently migrates to San Francisco Bay during the winter.

An immature gull, left, is brown, whereas the adult develops the classic white plummage

From April until August many of my relatives fly east to the nesting site at Mono Lake.  They return to San Francisco Bay to spend the winter because the weather is very cold at the lake.  Mono lake is the second largest gull rookery in the United States.  The largest is the Great Salt Lake far across the mountains and the big desert.  Some day I hope to visit the big salt lake and see if I can find any of my relatives.  It is a long flight and I’m not sure how I will find food along the way.  The great thing about Mono Lake is that it is filled with brine shrimp and everyone loves to eat brine shrimp. Continue reading