Sailboats Galore

There seems to be more sailboat activity lately on San Francisco Bay.  During the “loud weekend” we saw many more sailboats all over the Bay while the loud airplanes were flying over and disrupting my feeding opportunities.  I don’t really mind if the loud airplanes want to fly low over the ship because that causes the passengers to look up and ignore their lunch.  This gives me the opportunity to snack on the un-minded and unattended food.

Anyway, while the loud airplanes were buzzing around I also saw many sailboats in amongst the other ships.  I should remark that no sailboats offer an opportunity for lunch and the SS Jeremiah O’Brien is the ultimate lunch spot for the avian squadron.  I have high hopes that there will be more sailboats on the Bay in the future because that means the ship will be out serving lunch and I will be served.

Editor’s Note:  The ‘loud weekend’ to which Bob refers is the weekend of Fleet Week when the US Navy comes to town and the Blue Angels Aerial Acrobatic Team performs over the Bay.  The US Navy, accompanied by ships from Canada and the Coast Guard steamed into San Francisco during Fleet Week to entertain the crowds. The second picture is of the Oracle USA 76 America’s Cup boat.  There will be preliminary trial races on San Francisco Bay during 2012 and 2013 with the Final America’s Cup Races during September 2013.  For more information on the SS jeremiah O’Brien and Fleet Week please visit the web site at

The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and a double masted schooner coming into San Francisco Bay.

America's Cup training boat on San Francisco Bay


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