The Doghouse Gang

The Doghouse is the little building on the apron of the pier where the visitors stop to buy tickets before they visit the ship.  Most days there are two or three people hanging around drinking coffee and helping the visitors. These seem to be the friendliest people on the wharf and they  always have answers for the visitors, or perhaps they just make up answers.  Never-the-less the visitors seem to be satisfied.

This is the Doghouse with a line of visitors.We have tried to tag the roof of the Doghouse with our special Gull Salute, but we have not been successful. Perhaps it is because of the wind or the fact that they are so close to the building. The Doghouse is active anytime the ship is open, but we never seem to be able to get any food from the occupants. When the Doghouse is busy it is more likely that the visitors will bring food out to the ship and sometimes we can 'convince' them to surrender their lunch. Bread from the soup bowls is a good source of nutrition for the avian squadron that inhabits the wharf.

Editor’s Note:  A stop at the Doghouse is the first thing the visitors to the ship do before going on board.  Here they may purchase tickets and  get a copy of the informative brochure describing the features of the ship. The crew members who staff the Doghouse must be on the job everyday the ship is open for visitors, and the funds raised from visitor tickets is a very important source of revenue to the ship. The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is only able to stay afloat and active thanks to ticket revenues and contributions.  For more information about the SS Jeremiah O’Brien please visit the web site at  or better yet, visit the ship  and talk to the friendly Doghouse Gang. 


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