The Ship’s Galley on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien

Here are a couple pictures of the Galley from onboard the ship.  On a ship the Galley is the same as the kitchen.  This is a very important place in my bird-mind because it is where the lunches come from when I am onboard.  If I am able to find some lunch on the deck that means I don’t have to scavenge along with all  those other Gulls on the dock.  In listening to the crew talk during lunch I learned that the Galley is kept in the original historical condition and that the giant stove burns charcoal and not gas or some regular fuel.  They have to chop wood to burn to get the charcoal started and this is a very busy place when there are many crew members on board.  Unfortunately some of the other smart-aleck birds on the wharf have heard about the food served on the ship and they are lining up to steal the food that is rightfully mine. I have noted that when there are more people on board the ship the chances are greater that there will be donuts.

Editors Note: The galley continues to function just as it did during World War II when the ship was hauling supplies and cargo in both the Pacific and the Atlantic. Crew was fed every day from this galley during the operation of the ship.  For more information about the SS Jeremiah O’Brien please visit the web site at:  A cookbook is also available on board the ship with recipes from the ship’s galley. 


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