History and background for Bob C. Gull

Hello. My name is Robert “Bob” C. Gull. Because some of you will ask I will tell you that the C. stands for Clarence; my beloved mother insisted on Clarence, but anyone who dares to call me by that name will be decorated with a typical Gull salute. I was inspired to get in this business by my old friend “Archie-the-cockroach” who was very close to E.E. Cummings.  Unfortunately he could only write in lower case type because he was too small to hit both the shift tab and the letter.  I have two feet and a beak (even though one of my legs is gimpy) so I can capitalize the type.

Most of my time is spent at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco scavenging for food amongst the tourists.  I faithfully monitor the daily activity on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien which is berthed at Pier 45.  The crew is a constant source of entertainment and occasional food to all the birds on the wharf. From my overhead view I can see most of the goings on aboard the ship and I am also going to be able to report on activities below deck because I pick up rumors by eavesdropping on the crew members.

Editor’s Note:  Bob is a California Gull ( Larus californicus );  the species is a medium-sized gull, smaller on average than the Herring Gull.  They have a small yellow bill with a black ring, yellow legs, brown eyes and a rounded head.  The body is mainly white with a grey back and upper wings. Immature birds have brown plummage.  Length can range from 18-22 inches with a wingspan of 48-54 inches. Body mass can vary from 0.95 – 2.3 pounds. They nest in a shallow depression on the ground lined with vegetation and feathers. Females usually lay 2 or 3 eggs and both parents feed the young birds.The birds forage in flight or pick up objects while swimming, walking or wading.  They eat mostly insects, fish and eggs and scavenge at garbage dumps and docks.  The California Gull is the state bird of Utah.

If you want more information on the Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien please go to the web site at http://www.ssjeremiahobrien.org/  for the complete story. 


One comment on “History and background for Bob C. Gull

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the info on the Ca, Gull. I would never guess it is the state bird of Utah. Do they only hang around The Great Salt Lake? Most stop, very hard to type with only one finger. Kathy

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