“Bob” C. Gull bursts upon the blog scene

Bob is the name and 'sea-gullin' is the game.

This is Mr. Robert “Bob” C. Gull.  He is our author.  This fabulous bird comes to the ship every day to greet the crew of the Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien < http://www.ssjeremiahobrien.org/ >.  The California Gull rivals the Raven in terms of cunning and guile.  If you visit the SS Jeremiah O’Brien you can see a painting of Bruce the Raven on the crow’s nest.  Bob regularly rests on the crow’s nest while surveying the onboard activities.

Bob, as he prefers to be called, can be seen on board anytime there is food in sight.  He has been known to eat an entire donut in one gulp and has no compunctions about stealing food from anyone.

We are not quite sure how old Bob might be. but he has been around quite awhile and is known to most of the members of the crew. Bob spends much of his time walking around the ship and flying overhead trying to scout out a free lunch.

Editor’s note: The California Gull is a migratory bird, mostly moving to the Pacific coast in winter.  Because of the plentiful supply of food at Fisherman’s Wharf Bob does not migrate.  The breeding area bird population in the San Francisco Bay area was estimated at 33,000 in 2006. 


4 comments on ““Bob” C. Gull bursts upon the blog scene

  1. Russ & Dee Pearce says:

    Bob’s family were season ticket holder’s at the old Kezar and Memorial Stadiums. Recently he has
    been seen at AT&T Park in section 315 LB with OSKI. GO BEARS!

  2. Jay of UC43 says:

    I was really hoping to see a picture of Bob actually in the process of bursting…would then that many of his relatives would follow his example.

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