The Ship’s Galley on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien

Here are a couple pictures of the Galley from onboard the ship.  On a ship the Galley is the same as the kitchen.  This is a very important place in my bird-mind because it is where the lunches come from when I am onboard.  If I am able to find some lunch on the deck that means I don’t have to scavenge along with all  those other Gulls on the dock.  In listening to the crew talk during lunch I learned that the Galley is kept in the original historical condition and that the giant stove burns charcoal and not gas or some regular fuel.   Continue reading


History and background for Bob C. Gull

Hello. My name is Robert “Bob” C. Gull. Because some of you will ask I will tell you that the C. stands for Clarence; my beloved mother insisted on Clarence, but anyone who dares to call me by that name will be decorated with a typical Gull salute. I was inspired to get in this business by my old friend “Archie-the-cockroach” who was very close to E.E. Cummings.  Unfortunately he could only write in lower case type because he was too small to hit both the shift tab and the letter.  I have two feet and a beak (even though one of my legs is gimpy) so I can capitalize the type. Continue reading

“Bob” C. Gull bursts upon the blog scene

Bob is the name and 'sea-gullin' is the game.

This is Mr. Robert “Bob” C. Gull.  He is our author.  This fabulous bird comes to the ship every day to greet the crew of the Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien < >.  The California Gull rivals the Raven in terms of cunning and guile.  If you visit the SS Jeremiah O’Brien you can see a painting of Bruce the Raven on the crow’s nest.  Bob regularly rests on the crow’s nest while surveying the onboard activities. Continue reading